Student clubs of Warrantti were launched to promote the work-based experiences of studies and the sense of solidarity among each major’s students. Student club is a team of 5-10 members, which arranges possibilities to get familiar with different companies and to establish valuable connections for students’ future working life.

Warrantti needs more enthusiastic members to student clubs, you can join by contacting your major’s student representative.

There are six active student clubs at the moment:

Bosse for Management students
Wision for Marketing students
IBW for International Business students
W Accounting for Accounting students
W Finance for Finance students
Momentti for Business Law students





International Business


IBW (International Business – Warrantti) is a club for all students studying international business as their major at the University of Vaasa. Club’s coordinators are student representatives Henriikka Remes and Agnes Wolf.

The fundamental purpose of IBW is to improve the flow of information within the faculty, as well as enhance our sense of community. We aim to bring studying and the working life closer together. We want to offer our members the chance to network and build connections to various companies through excursions, as well as give them insights about relevant questions in the field of international business in forms of workshops, case studies and lectures for some to mention.

All IB students are members of the club, but we are constantly seeking active members who’d like to offer their inputs in order to develop our activities further. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and participate in our events!





Business Law