The general fall meeting is the most important meeting in the year of Warrantti. There the executive board is chosen by voting. The board consists of 10 members and the chairman, each responsible of different tasks in the organisation. Learn more of these tasks below.

Chairman of the board

Represents Warrantti in different fields, such as VYY and Suomen Ekonomit. The chairman leads board meetings and coordinates operations. Superior of the employees of Wykypäivä and Grand Annual Ball. Responsible of the long term planning of the organisation.

Vice chairman & Sport

Chairmans right hand and takes place when needed. Responsible of the freshmen tutors and alumni. Head of sport division and sport events Warrantti organizes.

Secretary & PR

Responsible of up to date exam archive and website. Schedules social media updates for the board members and is responsible for updating the channels. Works as the secretary in the general fall and spring meeting and also weekly board meetings. Collects and assembles the material for  the weekly report. Takes care of the circulating shifts for the W-room opening hours. Keeps track on office and coffee equipment in the W-room.


Takes care of  monthly accounting. Responsible of the annual budget and the individual event budgets. Handles the financial statement.

Business relations

Responsible of the business relations in Warrantti. Keeps track of the responsibilities and actions mentioned in the cooperation contracts. Negotiaties for the contracts and develops cooperations with companies. Creates possibilities for Warranttilaiset to get to know employers. Leads business relation division.

Projects & Events

Head of the project division. Responsible of the biggest parties Warrantti organizes: Kylteriäiset, Shownight, Profitnights, Vappu-picnic and sitsi party afterparty. The position is divided to two people.


Coordinates the board of NESU-Waasa. Responsible of nearly every sitsi-party Warrantti organises.


‘Kopo’ represents Warrantti in study-relevant topics within the faculty. Keeps up and influences to the national education policies. Head of the education division.


Responsible of the culture events Warrantti organises. Guides the Grand Annual Ball employees. Head of the culture division.


Takes care of the content amd visual appearance of the organization magazine Wykyzine. Head of the editors. Responsible of the marketing material for Warrantti.