Business relations

Marianne Santanen

Business Relation Division 2019

Eemeli Karlsson
Tommi Kukkonen
Vilma Hjelt
Anette Väisälä
Julia Palosaari
Henni Kinnunen
Tuomas Koivistoinen
Elli Uusi-Kokko
Ilari Lager
Heli Karhi
Simo Aalto

Warrantis business relation division is responsible for Warranttis relations the companies and partners. The division is lead by a board member.

The biggest projects business relation division takes care of are the overalls and the fall foreign excursion. In addition the division sells ads to the Wykyzine magazine and arranges events with the co-operation companies. The division works also hard to get sponsors for the grand annual ball, vappu and Wykypäivä. In a nutshell business relation divisions main task is to acquire co-operation companies to Warrantti and to promote members employment.