Anna Valio

Culture Division 2019

Veera Ojanen
Jasmiina Naatula
Sanni Okkonen
Venla Tuuli
Roosa Rasi
Johanna Huutoniemi
Nea Tiihonen
Julia Joki-Anttila
Anna Palosaari

Culture division ‘Kultsi’ arranges relaxed, fun and interesting culture events to the members of Warrantti. The division is lead by a board member. The events vary annually and you cn easily join as an individual or with a group of friends. Kultsis biggest event is the spring foreign excursion.

Theme nights, sushi courses, raw chocolate workshops….only the sky is the limit! One event is organized during the grand annual ball week and it has always been the one with the luxury. Remember to follow Kultsi in Facebook to keep up with the events!