Education division 2019

Eliisa Sivula
Pietu Lyytinen
Markus Tuuli
Nadia Hussain
Matias Pihlajamaa
Daniel Daoud
Elina Viirimäki
Maria Nurminen
Katharina Schmidt
Elias Lilja
Markus Kylmä


Jenni Ratamo

The main goal of the education division is to hear student feedback and take it foward. Wheher the feedback is associated with courses, teaching or with studies as whole we want to hear what yo u have in mind! Without change does not occur development and development does not occur without feedback – so tell if something is wrong or well. The division is formed by YksOpEdies (student representatives of each major), HallOpEdies (student representatives of the administration), previous education board members and Warranttis chair of the board. The chair of the division is Warranttis board member for education also know as ‘kopo’.

Give feedback and we will develop together our education to be more qualified!

How to give feedback?