Projects & Events

Kirsi Kurvinen
Laura Ylitalo

Project Division 2019

Niilo Anttila
Erika Similä
Liisa Tenhovuori
Marika Lapinleimu
Olli Kärkäs
Otto Peltokorpi
Pinja Olkkonen
Roosa Tiitola
Saara Huttunen
Suvi Lähteenmäki
Elina Lötjönen

What makes a great party? What kind of parties would you want to go to? We organize the biggest event for freshmen, Kylteriäiset, take care of the Vappu activities and offer special nights for the members of Warrantti. To only mention a few.

Warrantti wants to hear members ideas and bring the best parties to you! The project division offers a good possibility to have fun between heavy study days. Come and have fun with your friends and with us! We want to party!